Indoor Air Purifiers can cut down on Allergens and Irritants

Indoor Air Purifiers can help prevent Asthma

Clean air, healthy living and a long life are just some of the chief concerns of humans worldwide. Especially in our cities, the effects of industrialization, increased vehicular traffic and general climatic conditions have made finding clean air an almost impossible task.

Air conditioners have proven useful, but only to the extent of keeping the temperature around us comfortable. They have been unable to enhance the basic quality of the air we breathe. Governmental agencies like the Environment Protection Agency have officially declared that poor indoor air quality is the number one cause of increasing numbers of asthma sufferers. Nearly one third of all Americans suffer from asthma or allergic diseases, the causes of which can be directly attributed to the above mentioned poor air quality.

But do we have any control over the air we breathe? Do we have the wherewithal to remove the pollution, dust and irritants in the air to make it fresh and wholesome again? Of course we do! With the technology that has come to be known and adopted in every home. With a technology called an air purifier. Most American homes have started using indoor air purifiers to control and regulate the quality of indoor air and the results are already showing in the increased health and vitality of most families.

Air purifiers have been a discovery that has put the freshness back into our lungs and once again, given us the option of breathing in clean, healthy air. There are hundreds of air purifiers available in the market. They work on a wide range of air purification techniques and processes, but they all have one objective in mind – that of removing several kinds of pollutants, allergens and irritants! This was the first thing I looked for when I bought my air purifier as I wanted to use it to keep my house free of these in addition to purifying the air. But I had a rather difficult time choosing the right air purifier as there are specific air purifiers for various elements like dust, pollen, animal shedding, and tobacco smoke and even mould and mildew. I wanted an indoor air purifier that would comprehensively deal with germs, pollution and other general conditions while giving me clean and wholesome air.

Fortunately, most technologies used in air purifiers like carbon filters, HEPA, ionic lamp and ozone filter, do this. They comprehensively remove most contaminants in the indoor air in houses and living areas. But probably more important for a prospective buyer, are details like the area in which an air purifier will be used, the efficiency of the air purification filter, the noise level (yes, studies reveal that this is a major concern among users!), warranty and replacement details. The size of the area where the air purifier is likely to be used is of especial importance because using a small volume air purifier in a large room could not only decrease the efficiency of the air purifier, but also result in over burdening the filtration system, thereby causing excessive production of nitrogen oxide (especially in ozone filter air purifiers) which can prove harmful for human consumption. When you do therefore go in for an air purifier, do keep these details in mind.

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