Belly too big? Causes of Large Belly and Belly Reduction Tips

Some Causes of and Tips for a Belly Too Big

Some of the causes of having a belly too big include stress, not respecting some classic rules like avoiding sweets and too much bread, boredom, lack of exercise, eating the wrong type of foods e.g. hamburgers which are high in fat and protein, bad eating habits like eating whilst watching TV; so you managed to gain a few pounds. Of course, you are starting a diet but the problem won’t solve itself overnight. In the meantime you need to hide somehow that fat belly.

Here are some belly reduction tips:

  • Hiding the belly

  • When women gain a few pounds they usually deal with a great amount of water tissue on their abdomens. In this case you must avoid tight blouses or sweaters. Just wear something with a “V” shaped décolleté to distract the attention from your belly. Dark colors are recommended because they create the optical impression of a slim siluette, so try to wear colors like: dark read, dark blue and black.

  • Fat tissue on your legs?

  • You can’t anymore close the zipper of your jeans over your belly? This doesn’t mean your belly grew up over night, it simply means you are wearing high pants.

    Try and wear some pants that are lower and also a sweater with medium length that will go down as far as your knees.

  • High-heels

  • You should consider high-heels because even if you are a little chubby they will give you more confidence and they will create the sensation of a long leg therefore your siluette will appear slimmer.

  • Accessories

  • And a last trick: hats, gloves, earrings and any kinds of accessories. The explanation is quite simple actually: when people around you look at these items, their attention will be distracted from the things you don’t want them to see such as your belly and this way you won’t have to deal with remarks like:” Did you gain some weigt?”.

The key to hiding those extra pounds is to know the way you should dress. Choosing the right clothing will make you look unchanged until you manage to regain your ideal weight.

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