Eating During Winter can Cause Depression and Overweight Problems

Depression and Sleep Disorders

When the level of these neuron-transmitters is low, (a phenomenon that is highly encountered with overweight people), it can create a permanent appetite and can have a great influence over our psychic stages (it will increase depression, cause sleep disorders). Some people often at winter feel depressed, as a reaction of less day hours because of the shorter days. Our body reacts to depression, producing a bigger quantity of neuron-transmitters – another way to combat depression is to eat aliments rich in carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, aliments with carbohydrates (chips, cookies and pies, chocolate) also have fats in them, so an excessive use on a long period of time will surely lead to weigt gain problems. The solution is to make sure we are eating the aliments that have in them carbohydrates and fibers to combat depression and without having to deal with extra pounds which lead to us becoming overweight.

The lack of exercise – it is obvious that physical activity is not very enjoyable in the winter, compared to the freedom of movement summer offers us. In the winter however you must not abandon sports because of cold and rain or snow. This appears to be the main reason that causes weigt problems during the winter – we have many calories within our body, but we never transform them to energy because we make no physical effort, so naturally, they will add to our overweight problems.

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