Food For Success contains Vitamins B and C, and is Found in Fish & Vegetables

The Right Foods for Success will give you more Energy!

From now on you would be glad to know there is a way to improve your job performances and help you along your journey to achieve professional success. A day of your life should be divided in stages that can assure you the needed aliments for great professional performances. It doesn’t matter if you work form 9 AM to 5 PM or if you work all night.

If you are a “night star” your work hours keep you awake until the first morning hours. You need food for feeling ok and happy, combating depression that can often occur during nights. Vitamin B1 is the one that will keep you smiling all night and help you achieve success in your work. Your day should start out with a breakfast of bread and honey and the lunch should consist of pasta and vegetables. You can end your day with a dinner with chicken barbecue and salad.

Office angel

If you are an “office angel” then you are performing intense mental activities but a low physical effort. Your body needs “intelligent” food, that would give energy to the brain and nerves thus ensuring better success in your job and that means aliments rich in vitamins B and C. For breakfasts you could eat bananas and yogurt, at lunch scrambled eggs and toasted bread and for dinner potatoes, fish and vegetables.

No matter what your job is, you should have always enough needed energy to perform it. Eat well, you won’t get fat, but you have to eat as much as you need in order not to feel hungry while at work. That will clearly affect your performances and general success in life.

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