How to Diet Healthy. Use Positive Action to Help Emotions and Self Confidence

by Bambi

If you want to know How To Diet Healthy, read on...

Write down all your good points and keep this list in a handy place so you can look at it anytime you need to boost your self confidence and you can add to it anytime you think of another good point. As you achieve a new goal, write this down also.

Perhaps you care for others - this is a tremendous quality if it's done genuinely.

Maybe you are good at organizing? If you think about it, maybe you will be surprised at just how many things you find you like about yourself. Tell yourself just how much you like yourself. Remember you are your own best friend.

Self Confidence is something that some lucky people are born with but for most of us it has to be learnt.

  • Positive Action

  • Start by writing down any of the things in the past that upset you and are still holding you back or making you run for a fattening treat.

    Put all these in categories, sort out those that you feel that you have dealt with as much as you can and then destroy them (make sure you do actually shred or burn them), then tell yourself that they are gone and can't hold you back anymore.

    Then put all those that are still things that have to be dealt with in a secure place, and on your stronger days, deal with the ones you feel you can.

    The pile will slowly disappear and you can move forward, and don't be frightened to ask for help - just make sure it is someone you can trust.

  • Emotions

  • Emotions play a big part in our diet and if you can understand them, this will help, and then you can deal with these emotions one by one.

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