A Negative Calorie Diet Implements Negative Calorific Value, i.e. -Ve Calories

A Negative Calorie Diet sounds interesting ...

We can have a negative calorie diet using foods with negative calorific value. The main idea is that our body uses more calories to digest some aliments than the calories we know those aliments contain themselves by analyzing the combination of nutritional components of the specific aliments. If calorie burning is greater than the calories consumed, then we will lose weight, it’s as simple as that!

The theory is in fact very appealing: the body has to consume energy in order to digest the food. For example, an orange has about 50 calories. To process all nutritional components and vitamins that an orange contains, our body will burn more than just 50 calories.

The use of a negative calorie diet is more a solution we can call on in some specific periods, when our body is overwhelmed with nutrition, like holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, weddings, and less of a solution that can be used on a long term.

Some specialists say that the loss of weight is obtained mostly by losing parts of the muscular tissue, which is not recommended at all.


So if you decide to use the diet with negative calories keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure it is done in a period your body has already too many calories stored and you won’t be affecting your health by doing this.

  • Ask a medic if you can resist only eating this types of aliments and also ask him the time limit for this diet in your case, so you can avoid getting sick.

  • Try to combine them as much as you can, do not eat just oranges or other fruits that contain citric acid as they are not good for your stomach activity when eaten in huge quantities.

  • Review your schedule for the days you want to use this diet and make sure you don’t have any important or stressful things to do. Stress also causes calorie burning and weight reduction and if it occurs during a diet that weakens the organism you can feel physically powerless. If such a thing happens give up on the diet and eat something with many calories and glucoses fast.

If all above points are checked and passed, you can start a negative calorie diet and give a try to actually eating something instead of taking slim pills and drinking tea.

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