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The amount of information available about vitamins today is almost overwhelming. But that's actually an improvement over several decades ago when most people gave vitamins little thought. Even doctors used to say that we can get all the vitamins we need from our daily diet. They didn't used to know that smoking is linked to cancer either.

Now many doctors recommend that people take at least a daily multi-vitamin for healthy living, and there is a growing trend in the medical professions for doctors to learn more about nutrition and vitamins and how they affect health. Even now, however, many medical schools don't offer much in their curricula in terms of nutrition, vitamin intake and their role in staying healthy.

That's partly because in the West doctors are trained to treat disease. They don't necessarily learn very much about how vitamins can promote healthy living. We've got all sorts of high tech interventions, drugs and therapies that save lives. It's almost like magic. But vitamins can play a role in helping many of us avoid the need for drugs and invasive medical procedures down the road.

Back to the idea of getting all the vitamins we need for healthy living from our daily diet, that may have actually been more true 100 years ago than it is today. Now so much of our food is cut, dried, canned, pounded, extracted, packaged and repackaged, in other words highly processed, that many of the vitamins that promote health are lost in the process.

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