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One of the best womens health advice I can give is "Be beautiful". Take the road less traveled. Today beauty is associated with a beautiful body. TV commercials and fashion magazines are readily giving out womens health advice, stupidly stating that womens bodies should be waif-like thin and that these people are in and those who are overweight are out. However, more than half of the population is overweight. This problem is affecting not only women but men of all ages.

A healthy lifestyle not only increases a person’s energy but it can also enhance their appearance. Most people who are overweight do not watch their diet, and that leads to unwanted obesity.

Here are some useful tips, for men and womens health advice, to follow to achieve a beautiful body through proper dieting and to become less overweight over a period of time:

Eat high-fiber, low fat foods such as salads, vegetables, and pasta.

Eat small amounts of food every two hours instead of having a big breakfast, lunch, or dinner. By doing this, the metabolism will increase and burn calories faster. Do not skip a single meal as there is less temptation to eat junk food when the stomach is full.

Instead of cornflakes, try oatmeal for breakfast to lower your cholesterol level. Also, eating oatmeal for breakfast keeps a person from wanting snacks before lunch because it is rich in fiber.

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